CZ van Binance, Buterin and Hoskinson want elections via blockchain

CZ and Vitalik Buterin agree on the need for a new blockchain-based voting system to improve democratic processes in the United States. But implementation will be more difficult than it seems.

Build a mobile voting app
In response to the continuing uncertainty Bitcoin Loophole about the outcome of the controversial US presidential election of 2020, CZ twittered that this is the right time for developers to build a blockchain-based mobile voting app.
Binance’s CEO argued that such a voting system would shorten the time needed to confirm an election result, improve voter privacy and eliminate questions about the validity of results.

And make it free
CZ urged developers to work on such a system:

Develop something now, get it approved (obviously the hardest step), and get over 300 million (fully KYC’ed) users within 4 years. Any capable developer should be willing to do it ‚for free‘.

Many challenges
Vitalik Buterin shared the message, but added that it will not be an easy task:

‚The technical challenges in creating a secure cryptographic voting system are considerable and often underestimated, but IMO is 100% correct‘.

He clarified that a cryptographic approach does not necessarily mean that a blockchain is needed, although he stated that it could be used to maximise anti-censorship guarantees.

His votes are valid
Although such systems can solve the question of whether each vote counts, they are not yet able to solve the problem of whether the votes are valid in the first place.

In the end, Buterin said that it should not be difficult to improve the current system:
Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson also believes that voting through the blockchain will be the solution, and suggested last week that Cardano has already built special infrastructure to make this possible.


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